Zaozhuang Vocational College of Science and Technology


     Zaozhuang Vocational College of Science and Technology is a full-time higher vocational college, which is approved by the people's Government of Shandong Province and the Ministry of Education, set up by the people's Governments of Zaozhuang City and Tengzhou City. In recent years, The college has received many honors such as “Shandong Province Teaching Demonstrating College”, “Shandong Province Education and Research Demonstrating College”, “Shandong Province Employment Star College”, and “The Advanced Employment Service Units”. The college are also Shandong provincial advanced grass-roots party organization, Shandong provincial advanced moral education units, Shandong advanced collective on vocational college’ s construction of teaching staff, Shandong provincial garden-style units, Shandong provincial advanced health service units. Meanwhile, it successfully passed the National Vocational Training Evaluation in 2009.
  The college is located in Tengzhou City which is known for “the hometown of Banmo, Jiangbei water village” and “red lotus city”. To the East is Yimeng Mountain, to the West is Weishan Lake, to the south is the north part of Jiangsu Province, to the North is Taishan Mountain, so our college has geographical advantages, convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The college covers an area of 1000 mu, the gross area is 260,000 square meters, the teaching fasciitis worth 37,650,000 Yuan. Our total number of existing school staff are 811 people, among them, there are 215 professors and associate professors, 208 double-professional teachers, 102 teachers who has the mater’s degree. Our college has more than 12,000 full time students and more than 3,000 adult-students. The college has 5 big majors training base group, of which the construction engineering technique major and mechanical design and manufacturing major have been financially supported by the Central Government Departments. The college has 120 experimental and training rooms, off-campus training bases, large-scale producing workshops, a hospital attached to the college, information center, library, multi-media classroom, and computer room and other teaching facilities which are improved.
  Facing the market, according to the needs of regional economy and society, the college offers 34 vocational majors such as mechanical design and manufacturing, electrical automation technology, mine mechanical and electrical major, mine ventilation and safety, computer application technology, construction engineering technique, nursing, pharmacy, midwifery, engineering surveying and supervision, numerical control technology, electronics and information technology, electromechanical integration technology, vehicle detection and maintenance, art and design, website planning and development, etc. The majors cover nine categories involving manufacturing, medicine and health,civil engineering, electronic information, finance, human resource development and surveying, art and design and media and so on. The college concentrates advantageous resource; meticulously build the college level, provincial level, and national level ----key professionalism and characteristic specialities (group). At present, the majors of mechanical design and manufacturing, and the major of construction engineering technique are appraised as the characteristic specialties of provincial construction. The courses such as fundamental computer literacy, community nursing, the use of general machine parts processing, NC programming and processing, the detection of machine parts, are honored as provincial excellent courses. The teaching teams of pharmacy, and mechanical design and manufacturing are honored as provincial teaching teams.
      To carry the motto, “universal love and best service, diligence in study and respecting the competencies and skills”, and to inherit and carry forward the Luban’s and Mozi’s professional culture as mission, the college has greatly promoted cultural construction, successfully held the “ banmo forum”, “Mozi cultural festival”, “Luban cultural festival and the Lu Ban forum”. The college has carried out the “the three project”, which are “a teacher is a flag, who should set good examples to students; a student is a business card who represents the face of the college; the environment is a mirror which reflects the college.” The college is constructing the campus culture with home characteristic, higher vocational characteristic and local characteristic. It is leading the staff and students loving science, advocating skills, respecting creation, pursuing excellence and constantly exploring new mode of humanistic quality of education in higher vocational college. Meanwhile the college has established the students’ aid center implementing the different policies of scholarship and grants in vocational education, using the ways of “scholarship, loan, work-study programme, allowance, fee remission”, to provide convenience and assistance for the numerous students’ further study.
      The college attaches great importance to students’ employment, who has set up 3 employment offices in Yangtze Triangle Economic Center, Surrounding Bohai Economic Region, South Shandong Economic Center, and has joined the talent markets in the South China, Shanghai and Beijing, etc. And the college holds large job fairs for the supply and demand between the graduates and employers every year, and carries out the follow up service after the students take up occupation and start business. Meanwhile, the It actively presses forward the cooperation between college and enterprise, and the order –base cultivating mode. The college takes the lead of establishing Zaozhuang and Tengzhou, the two cities’ Vocational education group on modern manufacture. The college has opened the named classes successively which are ordered by Yingpu (China) Limited company, Shandong Shanfang Explosion-proof Motor Limited company, Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Corporation, and many companies in Tengzhou Economic Development Zone. The college also has got into long-partnership with more than 100 large and medium-sized factories and mines such as China Coal Geophysical Survey Company. Inspur Group Corporation, Rizhao Iron and Steel Group Company, and Lunan Machine Tool Factory, etc. The college also has signed the agreements of employment and job placement with over 500 high-tech enterprises, and medical and health units inside and outside province, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou, becoming the stable training base of talents. In the recent 3 years, the college enrollment successfully has got into the first phalanx on the registration, the quality of students and the registration rate, as a result of becoming a desired and idled vocational college for the numerous students.
Zaozhuang Vocational College of Science and Technology